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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Save The Rainforest

No Comments31 October 15:53

Forests around the world are under increasing pressure to satisfy the needs of people. Forests are home to many plant and animal species, including humans. They perform the important function of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. Trees are also the source of the most abundant, environmentally – friendly and a useful material known to man […]

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Wood Dust Safety

No Comments26 October 1:22

by Eric Meier Source: I remember several years ago, while working on a project, I needed to cut a 4×4 using a 8″ miter saw. (This required me to cut the 4×4 halfway through and then flip it over and finish the cut.) Unfortunately, because of the small diameter and poor dust collection capabilities […]

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How to Tell Genuine Lignum Vitae from Argentine Lignum Vitae

by Eric Meier Original source: In the world of wood, Lignum Vitae is the stuff of legends. Among commercially available hardwoods, it is widely regarded as the heaviest and hardest wood in the world. It’s unique olive green color, delicate feathered grain pattern, and other-worldly rot resistance only serves to add to its aura. Unfortunately, Genuine […]

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