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Save The Rainforest

Forests around the world are under increasing pressure to satisfy the needs of people. Forests are home to many plant and animal species, including humans. They perform the important function of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. Trees are also the source of the most abundant, environmentally – friendly and a useful material known to man as WOOD. It is the most widely – used fuel for cooking and heating, and it is the basic material for shelter.

Tropical forest are under particular pressure as they are located in developing countries where many people are struggling on a daily basis merely to survive. You may have heard some claims about the threats facing the rainforests and about people who’s responsible. Let’s look at the truth, you may be surprised!


Help Us Prevent Slash & Burning of the Amazon! To give you an example over 2,000 acres were burnt by a cattle farmer to make room for grazing. We pride ourselves on the fact that we save thousands of acres every year from being burnt for agricultural cash cropping and cattle land. By selectively harvesting a few trees per acre we can assure that the forest will be able to be reharvested in as little as 10 years. This ensures that the forest will not only survive, but also improve for many generations to come. By buying tropical timbers from a reputable company that practices good forestry, you are helping to save the forest by putting a value on the timber so that the land is not burnt. It may seem unbelievable that someone would burn forest that contained valuable timber, but the fact is that for a cattle farmer it is more profitable than to go through the bureaucracy of obtaining the necessary environmental surveys and obtaining the slew of permits needed to harvest, mill, and export even a few trees per acre.


Good markets for wood & wood products will help save the forest. A thriving international market provides an economic reason to carefully manage them. Bans & boycotts of tropical timber products are counterproductive to the purported goal of saving the rain forest in that they reduce the value of the forested land. If we stop buying these products, we would remove the incentive to manage the forests and we would actually encourage their conversion to other uses, which is what we need to avoid. The land with trees MUST be more valuable than the land without them. 

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