Attica, NY 14011

Honestly, I just got your Hanbo, it’s the best I ever had. I trained for the last 40 years, I had masters from China and Japan make hanbo for me Yours is the best I ever had! Thank you Serge AUGIER Hanbo Solid Ipe specs: Shape: Round, Length: 39, Diameter: 1.5


Long Beach, CA

The layering of the bokken for this is Hickory-Bubinga-Hickory, and that was probably the smartest one i asked for almost a year and a half back. Aesthetically, some people don’t like it. I think it’s fantastic, and it’s strength yield is pretty damn good. It’s weight is higher than what i was used to (it’s thicker than some other bokkens i have, but is also not the heaviest) but i got around to using it lately, and the bokken showed me its strength against some other really strong ones. Anyways, Dan has always had fine work, even if it didn’t look the part initially. His works remain to be stonger and more resilient than most out there for their wood species used. I made a few slight adjustments to the bokken (sorry dan) to bring out the bubinga layer to the edge of the bokken. That reminds me, this bokken was another augmented bokken for a 50” length, where the dimension of blade-edge to spine was increased by 3/8”. In total, Dan never lets me down with his work, and shows me up even long after i’ve made my assumptions.

Eric – Laminated Bokken,


Mr. Blizniak, I would like to thank you for the beautifully crafted bokken – Bloodwood with Ipe core. This is the Finest bokken that I have ever owned! The craftsmanship is simply stunning. It is so smooth and seamless. The form and balance are perfect. It is dense and heavy, and swinging it around feels great! And the Beauty! It is Beautiful! The Ipe core, even edge-on, looks almost like agate marble. And the Bloodwood is amazing. Even in low light, it shimmers with iridescence. It looks metallic, like copper foil. I am blown away! Thank you again.

D.Baca – Bloodwood Bokken w/ Ipe Core,

New Mexico

I asked Dan to make a tachi style bokken with extremely deep total sori, but at regular bokken length. This is not an easy project. The high arching profile makes the straight grain of the wood to cross the bokken in two places, at the tip of the blade and at the handle, creating weak spots. That was the reason the famous Japanese Bokken maker used when he refused to make it. He said it could NOT be done for bokken intended for contact training. _IF_ single piece of wood is used. Well Dan produced the bokken that is model of perfection, using 3 layers of cross grain lamination of Hickory. All the layers are true to the side walls and center piece going through the dead center of the arching bokken with not a slightest twist. Bokken has been tested through moderately heavy contact training without ANY dent or lifting of the grain/splintering. The bokken is SOLID. I can’t see this one breaking at all under normal training condition. ( I’ve seen/felt two bokken shatter/break while training within last 4 decades, it does happen) I have two custom bokken made by Japanese Bokken maker (within their standard profile), and Dan’s bokken feels better than those two. This is an extreme profile bokken, and Dan got the balance JUST RIGHT! very responsive and lively. It is THE BEST purchase I’ve made for wooden weapon within last 4 decades. I am very grateful for Dan to take on this project to the extremely satisfying result.

T.T. – 39″ tachi with 1.88″ sori,


So my Cumaru bokken i bought awhile back has its review for customer service reasons. Now it’s time for a product review. The bokken has it’s strength on par with super bokkens (50 inches with about a 3/8” blade depth augmentation, whereas this is only 1/4” augmentation). Anyways, i could never see the growth ring pattern (hard to discern on an exptic wood like cumaru), and as it turns out it met my picky desires a long while back, i just never looked well enough. But its strength and resilience has earned it a very nice spot in my collection, and the sword has dealt with me outside under torrential downpour a few years back for almost an hour of full exposure and holds even to ths day. Long story short, Dan is probably one of the best that deals wih exotic wood on a regular basis.

Eric – Cumaru bokken,


Bubinga bokken has fantastic feel to it. Got some heft, but still a little lighter than some woods. The growth rings go the whole length of the blade, and yet has a wavy grain to it. It shimmers at certain angles, and looks fantastic with the color contrasts between the layers of growth. Its strong enough to dent my bloodwood bokken. Which for me is a first because the bloodwood doesn’t dent very well

Christopher – 49” bubinga bokken,


I’ve said it many times: He does very good work, even with custom orders. This time an augmented bloodwood bokken, which came out spectacularly, and he fulfilled my expectations. I will cherish this one like the others.

Eric – Bloodwood bokken,


I purchased a hickory suburito, and Dan messaged me and asked if I wanted this one jumbo as well, to which I gladly said yes. I received it yesterday, and it has met all expectations, and seems to be battle worthy, even as a suburito. Now all that’s left is to adjust the edge and make a tsuba of sorts.

Eric – Jumbo Suburito,


I asked for a 1/2 inch increase in depth of blade through handle made of Katalox. This bokken is not only stronger than other hardwoods I’ve come across, but the sheer density, weight, and thickness of the handle will be the key for me to increase my strength when handling other wooden swords.

Eric – Katalox super bokken,


I came across these amazing bokkens at the Martial Arts Super Show in Las Vegas. I had used some other bokkens before and these are in a whole other league. The craftsmanship and time put into each sword is easy to see. They are all super smooth and shaped perfectly. I went with the Blood Wood and the rich, dark red of the wood has been brought out perfectly in the sword. Anyone who is looking for a fantastic bokken then shop no further. The price seems little high, but you get what you pay for and then some with these swords. They are made to your specifications exactly. So you true had a bokken made just for you. You won’t regret buying these amazing swords!

Peter – Las Vegas,

Phoenix, AZ

Made a custom adjustment, thoroughly impressed he did as asked. Cumaru is strong, and the length required a dimension adjustment, which he complied. Quality craftsmanship



The bokken Tsubas work well, and the bubinga bokken I ordered is fantastic!

Chris – It’s fantastic,


I highly recommend the high quality hand-made products by Dan Blizniak. I have so far ordered several staffs from him, and they are all excellent and a delight to train with. Mr. Blizniak is very professional in all respects. His wood selection and prices are all superb.

Shifu Jonathan Bluestein,


I emailed Dan and he got back to me when the wood I wanted became available. 10/10 for service and quality! Thank you!

Max – Sales,


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