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Introducing the FlexCore™ Staff: The Future of Martial Arts Training

Experience the Perfect Balance of Strength and Flexibility with the Revolutionary FlexCore™ Staff

In the realm of martial arts, the quest for the ultimate training weapon has always been a journey without an end. Until now. We are thrilled to introduce the FlexCore™ Staff – a groundbreaking innovation that combines the unmatched strength of hardwood with the flexibility of rattan. This innovative martial arts staff is set to redefine how practitioners train and excel in their craft.

The Inspiration

Martial artists have often faced the challenge of choosing between the flexibility of rattan and the strength of hardwood. Rattan, often too flexible, feels like swinging a rope, while hardwoods can be too rigid and prone to splintering or cracking. This led to the inception of the FlexCore™ technology – a two-part lamination technique developed exclusively by Blizniak’s Bokken. 

What is FlexCore™ Technology?

FlexCore™ is a novel lamination technique that involves fusing a hardwood with a rattan core. The process ensures that all sides of the round staff have edge grain facing out, which is the stronger part of the wood, ideal for withstanding impacts. This surrounds a flexible rattan core, combining the rigidity of the hardwood with the flexibility of rattan to create a staff that hits hard but doesn’t break. Just as a traditional steel katana is meticulously crafted with two types of steel—a hard edge and a softer spine—the FlexCore™ Staff employs a similar concept. The laminated construction of the FlexCore™ Staff combines the best attributes of different materials, much like the katana's steel composition. The hardwood, with its exceptional impact resistance, forms the sturdy outer layer akin to the katana's sharp edge. Meanwhile, the rattan core represents the flexible and resilient core of the katana.  With the FlexCore™ Staff, you can experience the union of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation in the palm of your hand.

Benefits of the FlexCore™ Staff

    • Unmatched Durability: Choose a hardwood like Ipe. Ipe is known as an exotic hardwood and is one of the toughest woods available. When combined with rattan, it results in a staff with exceptional durability. You can choose any wood we offer, but Ipe is always a good choice.

    • Enhanced Flexibility: The rattan core ensures that the staff is not overly rigid, allowing for fluid movements and a more natural response during training.
    • Shock Absorption: The rattan core of the FlexCore™ Staff effectively absorbs impacts, providing enhanced protection for your hands and the rest of your body.
    • Impact Resistance: The edge grain of the hardwood, combined with the rattan core, offers superior impact resistance, minimizing the risk of breaking or splintering.
    • Versatility: The FlexCore™ Staff is ideal for various martial arts disciplines, including Bojutsu, Kumi bo, Jojutsu, Kung Fu, and more.
    • Natural Materials: The FlexCore™ Staff gives you the qualities of a synthetic-made staff, but with natural woods that feel better in the hand when training.

Purpleheart/Ipe/OsageOrange FlexCore Staff

A Safe Training Experience

Your safety during training is our top priority. The innovative laminated construction provides peace of mind during intense training sessions. Whether you're engaging in sparring, forms, or drills, the FlexCore™ Staff reduces the risk of injury for both the user and training partners. Train confidently, knowing that the FlexCore™ Staff is designed to withstand rigorous impacts while maintaining its integrity.

One significant advantage of the FlexCore™ design, and laminates in general, is the reduced risk of shattering the staff during training. Unlike solid hardwood bo's that can shatter on impact, potentially sending dangerous wood splinters flying across the dojo, the FlexCore™ Staff significantly reduces this concern. With solid wood staffs, weak points in the natural wood grain can occur, posing a safety hazard to both the user and others in the training space. The FlexCore™ Staff addresses this issue by combining the strength of a hardwood with the flexibility of rattan, resulting in a staff with exceptional durability and impact resistance.

A Step into the Future

The FlexCore™ Staff represents a monumental leap in martial arts training equipment. With its perfect balance of strength and flexibility, it is not just a staff – it is an extension of the martial artist’s spirit, skill, and determination.

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1 Comment

Yoshi – Jul 05, 2023

My recent experience training with the Jo Staff and Hanbo equipped with flex cores has been nothing short of impressive. Crafted specifically for martial arts practice, these weapons excel in providing both flexibility and durability, offering practitioners an optimal training experience.

The incorporation of flex cores within the Jo Staff and Hanbo deserves commendation. This feature grants exceptional freedom of movement without compromising the solidity required for striking techniques. Notably, these weapons maintain a solid shape, ensuring precision in movements while allowing practitioners to strike with confidence.

What truly sets these training weapons apart is their resilience to impact during training sessions. They withstand forceful interactions with other training weapons, allowing for rigorous practice without the worry of damaging the equipment or compromising safety.

The Jo Staff and Hanbo with flex cores have significantly enhanced my training sessions. The combination of freedom in movement, striking precision, and the ability to endure impactful training makes these weapons invaluable tools for any martial artist seeking quality training gear.

In conclusion, these martial arts training weapons have exceeded expectations. Their design incorporating flex cores strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and sturdiness, contributing to an enhanced training experience. I highly recommend these Jo Staff and Hanbo to any martial artist seeking reliable, durable, and versatile training weapons that elevate their practice to new heights.

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