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Here are a few things to consider before you order:

In general we try not to rush any order. Due to the nature of woodworking, it is always better to take your time and make sure it is done correctly. Rushing can cause accidents and poor quality products.  With the cost of exotic woods, we try to take extra precaution. If this is an issue and you need your order completed by a certain date, contact us to see if it is possible before you order. We may or may not be able to make your item by the date depending on our current workload and the availability of the species of wood. In general it takes 3-4 weeks for a typical order; however, some orders can take up to 6 weeks or more depending on circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us before you order. We try to stay in communication throughout the process of your order, but generally will not contact you unless there are issues. USPS will email your tracking number, once your item ships.

Some species of wood can take a while for us to acquire. Exotic woods are named exotic because they are exotic and rare. This is also the reason the price is higher for them. We believe in what we are selling, the uniqueness of a training weapon that is truly one of a kind. We have been adding woods to our database so that you can create something that is beautiful as well as functional. We also only purchase from responsible environmentally friendly suppliers.

Wood is not plastic or metal; there can be small blemishes or flaws. We hand select every piece of wood to find the best pieces we can. No piece will ever be perfect, at least to our high standards. You can rest assure that if you find a small flaw in the wood, we didn’t think it would be a problem or believed it added character to the item.  Sometimes knots can add to the beauty of a piece of wood, other times they will weaken the wood and cause a potential break. This is why it is important to hand-select each piece of wood.

We have expanded our wood database to all different varieties  of woods that were previously unavailable. Some of these we do not have in stock and will have to make a special order to our supplier to purchase. This adds time to your order. If we have the wood in stock it can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your order. If you want to know if we have a wood in stock send us an email and ask.

If you are ordering a jo staff that is over 40 inches long, we recommend laminating it. Even kiln dried lumber can warp due to humidity fluctuations. By laminating the wood, you help prevent warping by crossing the grains when the wood is glued together.  There will be articles soon to come about drying wood and laminating in the Articles section of this website. Our Jo staffs are hand finished using homemade tools and scrapers.  The diameter of the staff may vary slightly depending on the staff and how much we need to sand it. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Lignum Vitae (Argentine) is a popular wood that we sell. We currently do have it in stock!

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is to provide you with security for purchasing online. If you do not like your item simply return it and we will fix it to your liking. Click here for more info on the guarantee.

Must be 18 to order. These are training weapons, please use your discretion when training.


anonymous – Mar 02, 2012

Do you have lignum vitae available for making a bokken. You recommend lignum vitae as the best wood for a bokken.

What about a Jo staff–what wood do you recommend as the best wood for a jo?


danblizniak – Mar 02, 2012

Yes we currently have Lignum Vitae available. We recommend Ipe for jo staffs. It is one of the hardest woods in the world so it can take a beating, and is weighted nicely. Osage Orange is also very popular because it is slightly more flexible, but it is harder to find the wood in stock.

imkira3 – Mar 02, 2012

How often do you get genuine Lignum Vitae? I notice the real stuff isn’t in the list. And do you do inscriptions on bokken? It would be nice if I could get a true Lignum Vitae bokken that had inscriptions to match my sword Kira, or at least instructions on how to inscribe it myself.

danblizniak – Mar 02, 2012

Whenever we get any Genuine Lignum Vitae we usually make a bokken and add it to the Sales page. If you email us we can add you to a list of people we contact when we get it in stock. We can do some simple inscriptions, or you can take it to a place that might do engraving or inscriptions. If you want us to do the inscription, we need you to send us a picture of what you want on the bokken. We charge $20 per bokken for inscriptions.

Amr – Mar 02, 2012


I’m planning to buy Hanbo made of Lignum Vitae (Genuine) but unfortunately you are not offering and only offering Argentine.

Can I order Lignum Vitae (Genuine) Hanbo 36″?

If yes, please let me know.

danblizniak – Mar 02, 2012

Sorry we do not have any Genuine Lignum in stock at that length. We do have the Argentine variety is is almost identical in properties.

Eric Brennan – Mar 02, 2012

What do you suggest i use to have as a tsuba for these bokkens?

admin – Mar 02, 2012

Our bokken are generally larger than the mass-produced Oak bokken that come from China. Those are produced on a CNC router so they are all the exact same size. That is why the plastic tsubas that come with them fit on them. These plastic tsubas do not fit our bokken because our handmade bokken vary slightly in dimension. We have not found a tsuba that fits perfectly, but we are looking into having them produced.

Michael – Mar 02, 2012

Hi I’m trying to order a jonstaff and I’m not getting the add to cart option after building my staff

admin – Mar 02, 2012

The Build-A-Bokken functionality was disabled when you were trying to order. We are taking orders now, however.

martin – Mar 02, 2012

do you have katalox available for a bokken. what tipe of wood would you recommend for a BO

admin – Mar 02, 2012

Yes we currently have Katalox in stock and it is a wonderful wood for a bo staff.

Anonymous – Mar 02, 2012

What level of customization is there for these bokken? (Such as with the curvature, blade type, blade tip type, etc.)

admin – Mar 02, 2012

When you click on the Custom Order link, you can use the Build-A-Bokken tool to create a custom sized and shaped training tool. There are different styles of bokken that you can select like Iwama or Tachi that have different curvatures and tips. If you would like to order something completely custom, you will need to send us measurements of how you want the item to be shaped. Drawings can be helpful as well.

john – Mar 02, 2012

Hey, I see that you have 3D printed tsubas for sale; I wanted to ask if there are some different designs available, such as Aoi Gata, or if that’s the only one.

admin – Mar 02, 2012

Sure, if you send me a design, I can most likely make it into a tsuba.

Anonymous – Mar 02, 2012

Is it possible to get a bohi (or a fuller in a different position) on a bokken if I order one?

admin – Mar 02, 2012

We currently do not offer blood grooves as a customization on our bokken at this time.

Eric – Mar 02, 2012

I’m looking to start iaido, and drawing from a scabbard is essential. Do you make wooden scabbards as well as the bokken? My previous bokken had a bag type and I wasn’t too keen on it.

admin – Mar 02, 2012

I do not currently offer a scabbard option, but is something I have considered offering in the future. It would have to be a matched set with the bokken so that it fits properly.

Viktor Ljungqvist – Mar 02, 2012

Is it possibel for you to send an order to Europ/ Sweden?

admin – Mar 02, 2012

Yes you can choose your country on the shopping cart page before you checkout and it will calculate the shipping charges.

Viktor Ljungqvist – Mar 02, 2012

Hello again but is it possible to get a 60 inc long bokken whit a
19 inches long handel?

admin – Mar 02, 2012

Yes you can choose those options on the Build-A-Bokken page.

Viktor Ljungqvist – Mar 02, 2012

thx for the hellp but the longest hilt you can get is 16 inces for me?

Alrik – Mar 02, 2012

one more this question…do you have lignum vitae at the moment?

Daniel Blizniak – Mar 02, 2012

Yes we currently have some Genuine Lignum Vitae in stock as well as Argentine Lignum Vitae.

Anonymous – Mar 02, 2012

Tried to order a 3 layer laminated bo staff with dymondwood in the center but couldn’t because of the 42 inch limitation. Are we not able to use dymondwood for anything beyond that length?

Daniel Blizniak – Mar 02, 2012

You are correct, Dymondwood unfortunately only comes in lengths up to 42″.

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