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Attica, NY 14011
8am-5pm EST

2014 April

Bokken Dymondwood/Hickory/Dymondwood 42 inch Standard

  This is a 42″ laminated Dymondwood/Hickory/Dymondwood Bokken. It weighs 1.78 lbs and does have cuts on the mune giving it a 13.75″ handle. The bokken is nice and straight. The lamination lines are a little crooked and the price as been reduced as a result.             All sales are final

Jo Staff Ipe 15/16 inch Round

  This is a 50″ solid wood Ipe Jo Staff. It weighs 1.12 lbs and is 15/16″ in diameter. The jo staff is nice and straight.               All sales are final No Refunds! Please contact us for any custom modifications. For example if you want it cut down smaller.

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