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T.T. – 39″ tachi with 1.88″ sori

I asked Dan to make a tachi style bokken with extremely deep total sori, but at regular bokken length.

This is not an easy project. The high arching profile makes the straight grain of the wood to cross the bokken in two places, at the tip of the blade and at the handle, creating weak spots.

That was the reason the famous Japanese Bokken maker used when he refused to make it. He said it could NOT be done for bokken intended for contact training.

_IF_ single piece of wood is used.

Well Dan produced the bokken that is model of perfection, using 3 layers of cross grain lamination of Hickory. All the layers are true to the side walls and center piece going through the dead center of the arching bokken with not a slightest twist.

Bokken has been tested through moderately heavy contact training without ANY dent or lifting of the grain/splintering. The bokken is SOLID. I can’t see this one breaking at all under normal training condition. ( I’ve seen/felt two bokken shatter/break while training within last 4 decades, it does happen)

I have two custom bokken made by Japanese Bokken maker (within their standard profile), and Dan’s bokken feels better than those two.

This is an extreme profile bokken, and Dan got the balance JUST RIGHT! very responsive and lively.

It is THE BEST purchase I’ve made for wooden weapon within last 4 decades.

I am very grateful for Dan to take on this project to the extremely satisfying result.

Delay on Tsubas

We are currently having issues with our 3D printer for making tsubas. If you order a tsuba, it will be shipped separately when our printer is back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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