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Brazilian Teak vs. Traditional Teak

How Does Brazilian Teak Compare to “Traditional" Teak?

Here is a comparison when used as outdoor decking lumber:




Smooth and vivid golden brown to reddish brown color with a very distinguished grain pattern.


APPEARANCE Uniform tan to brown without markings. Grain is usually straight to slightly wavy.
3540 lbs JANKA HARDNESS 1050 lbs

25+yrs with no chemical treatment


LIFESPAN 10 – 15 years with no chemical treatment
Strong scratch resistant surface DURABILITY  

Middle-of-the-road durability. Weathers fast especially in coastal conditions.


BRAZILIAN TEAK and Cumaru are both common names for the species known as Dipteryx Odorata. Brazilian Teak is famous for being one of the world’s premier exotic flooring options. With vivid colors ranging from golden brown to mahogany red, Brazilian Teak provides people across the world with a durable and attractive product.

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