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Wood Profile


Common Names:

Coyote, Macacauba or Trebol

Scientific Names:

Platymiscium ulei

Why we use for Bokken:

This wood is commonly used as a replacement for Cocobolo. It is very beautiful wood and very hard and dense. This would be a comparable wood to Lignum in it's qualities.


Heartwood color can be highly variable, ranging from a bright red to a darker reddish or purplish brown, frequently with darker stripes. When the wood is referred to as “Hormigo,” various suffixes are used to describe the heartwood color: “Hormigo Negro” for darker pieces or “Hormigo Rojo” for orangish red pieces. Clearly demarcated sapwood is yellow to white.


Grain is straight to interlocked, with a medium to fine texture. High natural luster.


Heartwood is rated as durable to very durable regarding decay resistance, with good resistance to insect attacks as well.


There have been no adverse health effects associated with Granadillo.


Granadillo has been used in the making of all types of furniture, musical instruments, sporting implements and even umbrella handles.

Other Comments:

Granadillo is an extremely hard, satiny, reddish brown wood with charming light cream colored highlights and swirling grain. It looks like a cross between Honduras Rosewood and Cocobolo, but does not have the allergenic properties of either.
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