ST RT 98,
Attica, NY 14011
8am-5pm EST

R. L.

I found Blizniak’s Bokken while researching different stores and craftsmen for days — reading about it in an old website and then being thoroughly impressed by the unique, custom order form. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dan Blizniak was still active because nowhere else could I find as many customization options, let alone the option to create a CUSTOM LAMINATED bokken. The 3-layer, laminated bokken I ordered was of impressive quality, met ALL customization details, and heldsup extremely well in FULL-CONTACT practice against other practitioners with bokken as well as sword pells. Laminated bokken from Blizniak definitely live up to their description in the FAQ’s — they’re much more impact resistant AND offer a beautiful, unique look that makes the bokken worthy of being given as a gift or heirloom, which was definitely the case for the one I ordered. Even after several days of the bokken being heavily used for practice, it shows no cracks or dents and virtually zero scuffs and scratches. Aside from the excellent craftsmanship, Dan is quite knowledgeable and communicative — answering questions and giving advice when requested. Overall, if you’re looking for something truly tailor-made AND functional for full-contact practice — Blizniak’s Bokken is where you’ll find it!

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