Terms And Conditions

* Blizniak's Bokken LLC reserves the right to accept or decline Reseller Program without explanation.
* Blizniak's Bokken LLC reserves the right to terminate a reseller's account at any time with immediate effect if it's found that reseller is exercising any of the Improper Business Practices listed below.
* Blizniak's Bokken LLC reserves the right to change the rate of commission and/or the products included in the scheme, although we will not do so without giving prior notice to existing resellers.
* Prices may change without notice.
* Discount purchases should be placed through our website order form.
* Warrantee may change without notice.

Improper Business Practices

Any reseller activities considered by Blizniak's Bokken LLC as improper are subject to termination of reseller account and legal prosecution to the maximum extent possible under the law.

Improper activities include, but are not limited to

* Using unsolicited email (and/or spam) to promote Reseller's business or products sold
* Linking to Blizniak's Bokken LLC products from sites that contain sexually explicit or any indecent, obscene or clearly offensive material
* Promote any illegal activity, promote violence or discrimination providing customers with insufficient or misleading information about business, products, trademarks or copyrights
* Any other method of promotion which, in our judgment, is likely to bring Blizniak's Bokken LLC into disrepute

Why Be A Reseller ?

Indeed, why should you be a Reseller when there is blizniaksbokken.com where anyone can order the website?

The general answer is: because any effort you put into developing your reseller business (even if it's only putting a link to Blizniak's Bokken LLC products) adds value and will be rewarded.

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