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This page you will find special deals on bokken! Custom made and unique bokken that you just can't find anywhere else. Some might be returns, or have small defects resulting in a discounted price. If nothing is listed below then please check back later. Anything purchased from this page can be returned within 10 days for a refund. If you have any questions please feel free to ask before you buy.

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* Bokken Carrying Bag * $25

No Comments7 January 12:13

  Supports up to a 50″ item. High quality bag. Has our B-Wheel logo imprinted on the bag and could hold multiple bokken/jo staffs.       $25   

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* Bokken Tsubas * $5

4 Comments5 April 13:35

  After many requests and many years of waiting, we are now selling tsubas for bokken! We have been waiting for 3D technology and materials for this technology to advance in order to create custom sized tsubas that fit our custom made bokken. These tsubas are made from PLA plastic which is environmentally friendly and […]

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Tai Chi (Jian) Solid Chechen Length: 36 inch $95

No Comments17 July 23:21

This is a 36″ solid Chechen Tai Chi Sword . It weighs 1.8 lbs and has a 4.25″ handle.               If you are unhappy with your purchase, send it back within 10 days and we will give you a full refund!   $95      

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