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***REFURBISHED*** Bokken – Suburito – Ipe/Chechen/Ipe – 46″ Long

***REFURBISHED*** Bokken – Suburito – Ipe/Chechen/Ipe – 46″ Long


This suburito had some small separations at the lamination points. I was able to stabilize the cracks and fill with black resin (see in photos). Should function great as a suburito and due to the cosmetic issue is discounted in price!

Weapon: Bokken
Style: Suburito
Kind: Laminated
Length: 46″
Handle: 13″
Weight: 2.21 lbs
Wood: Ipe/Chechen/Ipe

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A suburito is a type of bokken, a Japanese wooden sword used for training in martial arts such as Kendo and Iaido. Unlike a traditional bokken, which is shaped like a katana, the suburito has a thicker and heavier blade, making it more suitable for strength training and building wrist stability. The word “suburito” means “heavy sword” in Japanese, and it is often used in solo practice or paired drills to develop correct posture, technique, and power in strikes.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 3 × 3 in


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