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Poor Man’s Lignum Vitae



This new year, we are introducing some new woods! Chechen and Katalox have recently been added to the database.

katalox-sealed  1230131438b

Katalox is also called “Mexican Ebony" and is very hard and dense. I like to call it “Poor Man’s Lignum" because it is very similar in qualities to Lignum Vitae, but much more affordable. It is almost as dense if not the same and is actually harder than Lignum. It is slightly lighter than Lignum, and is more readily available and as a result is more affordable. The pieces that I have worked with had a distinct purple color, but it is known to be black in color. Here is a link to a standard Katalox bokken.



chechen-sealed 1230131440d


Chechen is a beautiful exotic wood that has contrasting colors in the grain patterns. It is hard and dense and a great wood for bokken. Here is a link to a Chechen bokken.



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We are currently having issues with our 3D printer for making tsubas. If you order a tsuba, it will be shipped separately when our printer is back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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