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Does flex core make it easier to shake/wobble the end of the staff? – like when doing an energetic transfer to the end in a tai chi form. If so, does it matter what type of wood – like a heavier wood may not shake as much?

The FlexCore™ design in a staff can indeed influence how it responds to energetic movements, including shaking or wobbling during Tai Chi forms. The extent of this effect can vary based on several factors, including the type of wood used.

Here’s a breakdown of these considerations:

  1. Type of Wood: The choice of wood for the staff plays a significant role. Heavier woods, like Lignum Vitae (Argentine), tend to be more stable and less prone to wobbling when compared to lighter woods. So, if you’re looking for a staff with minimal shaking during energetic movements, opting for a denser and heavier wood might be beneficial.
  2. FlexCore™ Design: The FlexCore™ design can make a staff more flexible, which can enhance its shock-absorbing properties. However, the degree of flexibility can vary depending on the wood combination used. Some wood combinations may result in a more flexible staff than others. If you’re concerned about excessive wobbling, you may want to consider a design that balances flexibility with stability.
  3. Length: The length of the staff also matters. Longer staffs are generally more prone to wobbling, especially if they lack rigidity. If you require a longer staff for your Tai Chi forms, it’s essential to strike a balance between length, flexibility, and stability.
  4. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the degree of shaking or wobbling that’s acceptable can vary from person to person. Some practitioners may prefer a bit of movement as it enhances the flow and energy transfer in their forms, while others may prefer a more stable staff.
  5. Diameter Impact: The diameter of the staff influences its stability during energetic movements. Larger diameters offer more stability but can result in a heavier staff, potentially affecting maneuverability. The ideal diameter balances stability with ease of use, often being a moderate size that feels comfortable and controllable for your specific practice.

While the FlexCore™ design can impact how a staff responds to energetic movements, the type of wood used and the staff’s length/diameter are key factors. If minimizing wobbling is a priority, you might want to consider a heavier wood and a design that strikes the right balance between flexibility and stability. However, keep in mind that some degree of movement can enhance the overall experience of Tai Chi forms.

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