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Build-A-Bokken Help Page

Our Build-A-Bokken page is a heavily programmed webpage to help you create a training tool that is as unique as you are. The page requires you to have javascript enabled on your browser. The basics usage of the page is: you make selections with the left tabs of the page and the right section of the page will reflect your selections. The choices on the left are divided into sections to help organize the information. The sections are called an accordion menu because each tab will hide or show the information for each section. For example, if you click on the Wood Selection tab, the options will be revealed. We will go through each section here (if you click on the images below they will get larger):


01 The first section is the Type of Weapon tab, which will be opened by default. Click in the first selection box to select the type of training weapon you wish to order. You will notice that the preview image to the right will change based on your selection.



02 Depending on which item you select, another menu may appear to give you additional options. If you choose a bokken, you can then have other options for the style like Iwama, Tachi, or Suburito. After you have made your choices, you can click of the Section title “Type of Weapon” and that section will hide. If you click it again it will appear again. You do not need to hide and show the sections to proceed, it just makes it a bit easier to see what section you are making selections on.



03 After you open the Wood Selection section the first selection box is the type of weapon with the choices Solid, Laminated 3 layers, or Laminated 2 Layers. If you select Solid, the item will be made out of one piece of wood. You will then have another selection box below to choose the type of wood you would like. If you choose a Laminated item, you will then have multiple selections you will need to make. Laminated items are multiple pieces of wood glued together to make a more stable training weapon. It is highly recommend to laminate jo staffs to help prevent warping. For instance, if you wanted a solid Bubinga jo staff, but wanted it to be laminated, you would select Lamination 3 layers or 2 and for both selections you would pick Bubinga. The finished item will look like a solid jo staff, but will actually be laminated.This section is fun because you will get to see the preview to the right change based on the types of wood you choose. Get creative and pick a unique selection of woods. The woods are all priced according to the cost we pay for specific species. So if you select different woods, you will see the price automatically adjust in the right section. Some exotic woods can get pricey if they are rare.



04 The Custom Specs tab with let you further customize your item more. Things like length  of the bokken and the style of tip can be selected here.



05 The Accessories tab gives you ‘add on’ options. If you would like to add a re-finishing kit change the selection to Yes. The cost will be updated in the right section.



 06 The Shipping tab is where you find out the cost to ship your item. If you are ordering from outside the United  States, simply select  your country in the selection box. The cost of shipping will be displayed. If ordering from within the United States, you must enter your zip code and click the button labeled “Check Shipping Rate”. The check box at the bottom will make the shipping free, only check this if you have already built one item with shipping and added it to the cart. It is meant for saving money on shipping if you order more than one item. That way you do not get charged twice for shipping. If you overpay or underpay shipping, we will either refund the difference or request the additional amount with a PayPal invoice.



07 The Other tab is a box that you can add additional instructions. There is also a check box if you would like to add a wood burning inscription to the item. There is an additional $25 fee for this, and you should contact us before ordering to make sure there are no issues with what you want burned into the wood. You can specify where on the item you want the inscription on the bokken in the Other instructions box. We can do most lettering or kanji symbols as long as you can email us an image of what you want burned.



quickLinks There are Quick Links at the top of the page that you can click and they will make all the selections for you. After you click the link, the selections will be made and you can still adjust any specs.



addtocart Once you have all of your customizations the way you want them, you are ready to add your item to the shopping cart. You will see there is a Promo Code area that you can enter a promo code if you have one. You must click the Apply button for the discount to take effect. You can change the quantity as well if you want to order multiple items with all the same specs. After you click Add To Cart, the web page will check all of your information to make sure you didn’t order something that isn’t available. If you try to order something and it isn’t available you will get an alert that tells you what you have to change to complete the item.



paypal After you click Add To Cart you will be directed to PayPal’s secure payment shopping cart. If you wish to order another item, click the Continue Shopping button and the page will redirect back to the Build-A-Bokken order page. Then you can build another item and add it to the cart as well. If everything looks correct on the screen, you can click the Check Out button (if you don’t have a PayPal account) or the checkout with PayPal button. Then just follow all the instructions and send the payment through PayPal. After we receive the order, it will take 1-3 weeks on average to complete your item depending on what you ordered, the wood selection, and how busy we are at the time.


If you have any questions you can email us or call 937-270-8694 (Dan)



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