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Pau Ferro

Pau Ferro

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Common Names:

Bloodwood, Satine

Scientific Names:

Brosimum rubescens (syn. B. paraense)

Why we use for Bokken:

Beautiful wood, heavy, and strong. Great overall wood for bokken.


A bright, vivid red. Color can darken to a darker brownish red over time with exposure to light and air. Applying a thick protective finish, and keeping the wood out of direct sunlight can help minimize this color shift.


Has a fine texture with small pores. Grain is usually straight or slightly wavy.


Reported to be very durable, and resistant to most insect attack as well.


Has a mild scent when being worked.


The wood’s dust has been reported as occasionally causing effects such as thirst and salivation, as well as nausea.


Though it is considered an exotic tropical hardwood, Bloodwood’s price is fairly moderate. It should be cheaper than most rosewoods, but cost slightly more than other colorful imports like Padauk or Purpleheart.

Other Comments:

It’s no wonder that Bloodwood has grown so popular as an imported wood species, as it is exceptionally hard, durable, strong, and beautiful. It is used for both trim and accents, as well as larger structural elements in furniture, etc.

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