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Common Names:

Yellowheart, Pau Amarello

Scientific Names:

Euxylophora paraensis

Why we use for Bokken:

Yellowheart is a beautiful wood used for great accents to darker woods. It is very durable and strong.


Heartwood color ranges from pale to golden yellow, darkening slightly with age. Sapwood is a pale yellow/white.


Yellowheart has a fine texture and a naturally high luster. Its pores are very small: usually no grain filler is necessary to achieve a smooth and flat finish. The grain is usually straight, though some figured pieces may have wavy or interlocked grain.


Rated as moderately durable in decay resistance, with mixed reports on its resistance to insect attacks.


Yellowheart has a mild, unpleasant smell when being worked.


Yellowheart has been reported to cause skin irritation in some people.


Should be fairly inexpensive for an import, comparable to other economy imports such as Padauk or Purpleheart.

Other Comments:

Though many other species of wood can be yellow colored, perhaps few are so consistent and vibrant as Yellowheart. Some boards are a very uniform, bright yellow. Yellowheart has an unusually high amount of radial shrinkage when compared to its tangential shrinkage, giving it a remarkably low T/R ratio. Yellowheart (i.e. Pau Amarello) is a commercially important timber in Brazil, where it is widely harvested and used for a variety of purposes. (Yellowheart is also sometimes sold as “Brazilian Satinwood.” Some common uses for Yellowheart include: flooring, furniture, boat-building, and turned objects.

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