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Common Names:


Scientific Names:


Why we use for Bokken:

Dymondwood is tough and holds up with rigorous combat training. Beautiful as well. Think of it as a super plywood, where usual plywood might have 6 layers in an inch, Dymondwood has 20! The more edges you have the stronger the impact strength.


Sometimes refererred to by the generic name of COMPREG, DymondWood® is a highly engineered wood/plastic composite, that has the physical and mechanical properties of high density hardwood, acrylic, polycarbonate plastics and brass. Here, brightly dyed northern hardwood veneers are combined with engineering grade resins, heat and pressure to create a product that has the best characteristics of each. DymondWood® is distinguished by its unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, and weather and moisture resistance as compared to regular wood.


All ply's are oriented with grain in the same direction


Very durable.


Has an interesting sweet smell when worked.


A mask is recommended when sanding Dymondwood


Successful DymondWood® applications include, but are not limited to the following: Archery Stock, Pistol Grips, Crafts, Knitting Needles, Ornaments, Pens, Brushes, Awards, Frames, Billiards Tables and Pool Cues, Musical Instruments.

Other Comments:

DymondWood is super dense and hard. Has approximately 29 plys per inch

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