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Plastic Tsuba
3d printed tsuba for your bokken
Color :
Bokken Carrying Bag
Supports up to a 50″ item. High quality bag can hold multiple bokken/jo staffs.
Bokken Re-Finish kit
Each kit includes: 6 pieces sand paper, Dust mask, 2 oz. Tung oil, Instruction sheet

Because of the global health crisis that COVID-19 has caused, Blizniak's Bokken will not be taking new custom orders. If you are waiting for an order that you already ordered, it will be completed and shipped shortly. We thank our loyal customers for their support, we look forward to supplying you with our products just as soon as we're able to get back to what we're passionate about. You will be able to order pre-made items and keep watch to see new items added to the site.