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Argentine Osage Orange

Argentine Osage Orange

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Build-A-Bokken™ Order Page

For pre-made bokken and jo staffs click here to shop.

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This is our custom Build-A-Bokken™ ordering page. Please select options below and to your left. The options you select will reflect in the column to the right. The preview image is a representation of what your item will look like from the left side, right side and the top if you are holding the item. Please review your item before you add it to the shopping cart. Also, be sure to click on the link above the Add To Cart button for important ordering information. For pre-made bokken and jo staffs click here to shop. Happy Building!


Click Here for Currency and Metric measurements Calculators. (All measurements on this page are in inches)

If you need HELP with ordering on this page click here for a tutorial!


Here are some Quick Links to build some standard bokken:

 Lignum Vitae  |   Ipe  |   Bubinga  |   Bloodwood  |  DymondWood  |  CumaruZebrawood  |  Hickory  |  Ipe/Lignum/Ipe | View Cart



Your Build-A-Bokken™ Order

Type of Weapon:


Wood Selection:

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*Simulation Only

Custom Specs:

Style: Standard
Tip: Angled Cut
Length: 40"
Length: 40"
Mune Cuts: Yes
Tsuka: 12" (Mune: 28")
Tsuka: 12" (Mune: 28")
Lanyard: Yes
Est. Weight: 1.2 - 1.8 lbs


Production Time:
2 - 4 Weeks


$145 (USD)
Promo Code:

* Price has been discounted

Type of Weapon

Wood Selection

Type of product:

Laminated weapons are the ultimate training tools. They combine different tyes of wood to give you the benefits of each type of wood. It also provides a unique and beautiful variation of colors. You can build your own custom bokken with contrasting colors of wood, or choose the same wood. One of our favorite combinations is Ipe on the outsides and Lignum Vitae in the center. This provides you with the densest wood in the world in the center that actually makes the contact. The Ipe on the sides provides less weight so you can swing it faster. We also recommend using Dymondwood as a center. We use cross grain lamination to give the bokken more strength than a single piece of wood and it keeps the bokken/jo straight and true. Click here to see a sample of Ipe and Lignum Vitae.
Hand selected lumber for top quality solid training weapons.
*If the wood you want to use is not in the dropdown(s) below, it is currently unavailable at the moment. Please send us an email if you wish to request a specific type of wood. Sometimes we can track down hard to find species of woods and sometimes we just have to wait until our suppliers get more in stock.

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Lignum Vitae

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Lignum Vitae

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Lignum Vitae

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Lignum Vitae

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Read More about
Lignum Vitae

Custom Specs

*Average Bokken length is 40" with a 12" handle.
Do you want the cuts in the Mune (back of the blade)?
Length of Tsuka:   

Length of Mune: 30

Length of Blade:    (Avg. 15")

Length of Shaft: "


The Standard bokken has more curve and gradually gets smaller towards the tip.

The Iwama bokken has a less gradual curve and stays relatively uniform in size.

Kissaki (Tip):
Add a Leather Lanyard?:
*Please note that we make jo/bo staffs by hand and we do not use a CNC router or any special equipment. The diameter can vary slightly. Sometimes sanding can reduce the size slightly. Also, longer jo/bo staffs can slightly warp due to differences in climate. Due to differences in humidity in different areas, it is recommended that you choose lamination for jo/bo staffs to help prevent warping. If you choose a wood that we do not have in the diameter you requested, we will automatically laminate the staff to achieve the thickness you ordered. The staff will still look like a solid wood staff, but it will be upgraded to a laminated staff. If this causes any problems, please contact us ahead of time to talk about woods that are availble in the thickness that you want.


Please include any other instrucions you may have pertaining to your order. For example, if you need it by a certain date or if the item is to be used more for display than combat. Please include these details in the box below.
Other Instructions:

$25 Wood Burning Inscription

Check this box if you want to add a small wood burning to the bokken. You may want to contact us before you order to make sure it is something that we can burn into the wood. We can do most lettering or kanji if you email us an image of what you would like. Click here to email your image.

Because of the global health crisis that COVID-19 has caused, Blizniak's Bokken will not be taking new custom orders. If you are waiting for an order that you already ordered, it will be completed and shipped shortly. We thank our loyal customers for their support, we look forward to supplying you with our products just as soon as we're able to get back to what we're passionate about. You will be able to order pre-made items and keep watch to see new items added to the site.